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  Control and Alarm Panels



CCS has an extensive line of customized control panels for every application. Specializing in motor control we offer years of experience in custom building and design to suit your application.

Panels can include overloads to protect the motors and/or manual motor starters to allow over current and overload protection for equipment. SoftStarts and frequency drives are commonly integrated to offer ultimate control in any situation.

All our controls have manual and automatic override for instant operation and integration with automated controls.


Save time and money with our alarm panel that shows you instantly where the problem is. Separate LED displays continually show you the status of up to 26 different inputs and stay 'on' until the problem has been corrected. A remote mounted siren alerts you to problems immediately.

Coupled to our telephone dialer, the system can be programmed to send four different digitally recorded alarm messages to eight different telephone numbers. The combination of these two pieces offer complete protection of your investment.

For information on any of our panels, please call CCS at 604-576-7677 or send us an e-mail.

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