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NEWS! Priva Supervision

• Supervision presents a completely redesigned graphic user interface for the Priva Integro and Maximizer process computers. It is the starting point of a totally integrated greenhouse management system, which allows the user to retrieve and analyze all available business information.

• The development of Supervision is based entirely in Internet HTML technology. This also gives Supervision access to many graphic options. An example of these options is the use of Internet-type operations with convenient shortcuts and hyperlinks. By visualizing the greenhouse and the most important processes graphically, the wealth of information can be easily navigated.

• On the screen is a map of the greenhouse operation, which shows the compartments, boiler house, water reservoir and office. The visualized items are provided with hyperlinks, which allow you to click on a more detailed visualization or on installations, for instance, within the compartment or the boiler house.

• Besides the graphic display, you can also make use of the Supervision navigator to walk through the wealth of information. A tree structure provides you with a structured overview of all available headings. The navigator’s tree structure can be completely customized to your needs. The information is presented in the form of HTML headings via the browser.

For more information on Priva Supervision or a demonstration, please call CCS at 604-576-7677 or send us an  e-mail.


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