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New fixture designs provide a number of substantial improvements to the PL Light Systems line of HPS lighting. The refined ventilated aluminum body enables the ballast to run cooler than ever before which adds increased dependability to the internal components. The compact extruded design greatly reduces the blockage of incoming natural sunlight. A new mounting collar adds support and durability to our reflectors while easing assembly and maintenance time. The line of reflectors have been enhanced and expanded to offer you the greatest range of product use. These include: Medium, Deep, Wide, Superwide, Midi and 1000W reflectors. This full compliment of reflectors allows you an expanded range of custom designed layouts.

A CCS service representative can advise you about the best combination of fixtures, reflectors, pattern and distance between lamp and crop to give you the best possible light intensity and uniformity for your unique environment.

HPS Fixtures are available in: 150W, 250W, 400W, 600W, 1000W
Standard Features on all HPS Fixtures include:
• Improved collar design for easy installation and removal of all reflectors
• Heat dissipating extruded aluminum body with ventilation openings
to allow for maximum cooling
• Compact body reduces shading effect
• Suitable for mounting in damp locations
• Available in 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, and 480 volts
• C.S.A. and U.L. approved


The New Revolutionary High Pressure Sodium Light System
• Higher Egg Production
• Birds think it's springtime, egg production increases
• HPS lights achieve higher intensity, recommended by breeder companies
• High tech reflectors distribute an even blanket of light over large area
• Create a more natural sunlight environment than incandescent and
fluorescent lights

Proven technology
• Tested for three flocks over one year at Fleming Chicks - Maple Lodge
• Less floor eggs
• No evidence of increased hyperactivity

Substantial savings on electricity and labour
• Save up to 50% on lighting electricity costs!
• Longer life - Bulbs rated for 24,000 hours, saving replacement and
maintenance costs over incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.
• Innovative design allows for easy removal of fixtures for maintenance
and cleaning
• Suitable for all barn applications
• All components are guaranteed for two full years


Metal Halide Fixtures are available in: 400W, 1000W
Standard Features on all Metal Halide Fixtures include:
• Fitted tempered glass reflector covering
• Heat dissipating extruded aluminum body with ventilation openings
to allow for maximum cooling
• Compact body reduces shading effect
• Convertible ballast – toggle switch gives the user the option of using
either HPS or Metal Halide bulbs

For lighting system information and consultation, please call CCS at 604 576-7677 or send us an  e-mail.

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