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  Irrigation Systems


CCS designs and manufactures its own line of irrigation systems. We make injection and fertilizer units for all applications. These systems can be incorporated into existing waterlines or supplied with standard stainless steel frames ready for use. Fertilizer can be added either through mixing tanks or direct injection.


Mixing tank units come in various capacities with pumps sized for individual operations. These units include control panels, fertilizer dosing pumps (for EC control), acid or lye pump (for pH control), sand filters, irrigation pumps and fiberglass mixing tanks. The units can be controlled by any computer equipped with substrate control software.


Injection units that can handle everything from high volume/low pressure ebb and flood to high pressure/low volume overhead irrigation and let you use a variety of fertilizers and also control the recycling of returned irrigation water. Injection units come complete with a control panel, irrigation pumps and positive displacement fertilizer injection pumps. You can also add sand filters and ultra violet water purifiers.

CCS can design an irrigation system specifically for your operation because we work directly with manufactures of steel and fiberglass tanks, liners, metal filters, injection pumps, liter counters, flow meters, high pressure pumps, water purification and filtration equipment.

For information on the right irrigation system for you, please call CCS at 604-576-7677 or send us an  e-mail.

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