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MSE 2000 - for peppers, apples, pears or tomatoes.

Greefa has been specializing in the development and production of advanced sorting systems since 1952. Combined experience and skill with the latest techniques and technological developments characterizes the Greefa machines. In more than 40 countries Greefa has gained a solid reputation for long lasting and user friendly sorting machines.


In the MSE 2000 concept Greefa has paid a lot of attention to the friendly handling of your fruit. A minimum of transitions during transport on the machine, avoiding speed-differences and the unique patented Greefa delivery "flap" guarantee a very fruit friendly sorting process.


The MSE 2000 is equipped with a unique and very accurate size-determination system. The black & white CCD camera takes several readings of each piece of fruit. The fruit rotates under the camera so that an optimal diameter measurement takes place. The result is an even greater uniformity in your sorted product. An option module enables you to combine diameter sorting with length. This provides extra flexibility for reacting to specific market demands. Another option is the addition of a weighing section, which enables you to sort by diameter and weight.


The MSE 2000 is equipped with a special sorting computer with a very user friendly operating program. The program offers extended possibilities, like combining diameter, length, weight and/or colour sorting, the dividing of one or more main sizes into several outlets or combining several sizes into one outlet. There are 16 different possibilities per variety. The operating program contains in total 960 sorting program possibilities.


The MSE 2000 has a unique semi-automatic system for quality selection. By using the electronic wand, up to 5 quality classes can be distinguished. A camera registers the wand signals and the different quality classes are discharged on the outlets of your choice.


Greefa uses a modular component system. This means that the components can be assembled in a number of different ways, which results in perfect custom-made machines based on your specific demands. It also means that extensions and/or additions can be made rather easily at a later date. When your company grows, in many cases your sorting machine can grow with it.


Greefa has new higher speed machines with increased cup fill rates. Their new defective sorting, firmness and non-destructive sweetness testing is also now available.

For information on the right sorting system for you, call CCS at 604-576-7677 or send us an  e-mail.

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