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Priva Computers and Equipment

Priva knows that greenhouse control is one of the most important factors in crop growth, production and quality. Their main expertise is in the greenhouse and agricultural industry with over 40 years of unrivaled know-how and experience in environmental control, water treatment, air treatment, management systems and labour savings.



Priva Integro represents a full range of hardware and software for greenhouses. The technology in each Priva Integro is identical. The microprocessors are powerful and the control facilities are wide ranging. What is unique is that each computer is tailor made for your own situation. You only purchase those programs that you are going to make use of now, in the knowledge that each Priva Integro is ready for future growth and new developments.


The Priva Maximizer is an easy-to-use climate control system which will monitor your entire greenhouse environment and provide the accuracy of control that today's growers demand. The Priva Maximizer will provide you with better yield, disease control, harvesting times and energy conservation. Additionally, use of the Maximizer system will result in labour savings and peace of mind. The Priva Maximizer system design, using one processor for no more than 4 zones allows for a strong reliable system. Even if one processor is off line, the rest of the system continues to work.


Supervision is the latest graphic user interface for the Priva Integro and Priva Maximizer process computers. The development of Supervision is based entirely on Internet HTML technology which gives access to many graphic options. An example of these options is the use of Internet-type operations with very convenient shortcuts and hyperlinks.

By visualizing the greenhouse and the most important processes graphically, the wealth of information can be easily navigated. The greenhouse operation is visualized in a very intuitive manner which immediately makes the advantages clear.



Priva control systems use a variety of sensors to provide the most accurate and timely information from inside and outside the greenhouse. The sensors are a necessary part of maintaining a well-balanced environment.

Some of the sensors available at Priva are: temperature & humidity, light sensors, CO2 meters, vent sensors, water temperature sensors and EC & pH sensors. Weather stations are also available to provide the control system with outdoor climate conditions. Each climate control system is fitted with the appropriate sensors to properly control and monitor your greenhouse environment.



Information processing is dependent on the availability of data. The more accurate the data, the better the control quality. PrivAssist makes it possible to record and retrieve data at the workplace.

At any point in time, you can find out who has been processing what, when and in which quantities. Using the figures made available, production and operational data for each location and employee can be processed and analyzed immediately. This enables you to discover how variations in production can be remedied and provide an insight into operational progress. Data is recorded at the workplace on mobile terminals that are networked together to the central PC.



The Priva Ringmaster is the ideal system for ringing plants securely. The Ringmaster consists of a ring gun connected via a hose to a box containing a roll of wire, each roll can produce 30,000 rings and is simple to replace.

With the touch of a button, a ring is fastened around the plant, securing it against the string or stake. That's all, it's as easy as that. With the Priva Ringmaster, you can achieve a savings of up to 50% in working time compared to twisting. Twisting causes a disruption of the plan cells and recovery takes a few days, the Priva Ringmaster does not affect the plant and growth is constant, saving time and money.

For information about Priva computers and equipment, please call CCS at 604-576-7677 or send us an  e-mail.

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