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  CO2 Systems


CCS offers three types of CO2 distribution systems. Our trained personnel can ensure that you select the system most suitable for your operation.

Central CO2 Distribution Systems remove exhaust gas from the existing boiler, checks the carbon monoxide level and distributes the gas throughout the greenhouse. Motorized dampers and fan speed control permits individual zone dosing. The system includes fan, inlet and distribution pipes, control panel, automatic fresh air temperature control, CO monitor and motor starters.

CO2 enhancement has proven over the years to be a wise investment for a wide variety of crops and growing conditions. Under normal atmospheric conditions, the concentration level (measured in ppm's) of CO2 limits the photosynthetic rate. When CO2 concentrations are greater than ambient, crop quality and production will increase in a linear fashion.

Whether using boiler flue gas or injection of liquid CO2, the balanced central systems will distribute CO2 concentrations at ambient temperature. The option of releasing the CO2 close to the base of the crop means concentrations in the plant's microclimate can be kept high even under full venting.

CCS's central CO2 system provides even distribution, low humidity, lower operating costs, greater flexibility and longer periods of boosted levels.

CCS offers completely engineered CO2 systems for new and existing greenhouses, regardless of house size or boiler capacity. Systems engineered by CCS are designed to create equal pressure throughout the distribution network, which is essential to ensure maximum crop growth.

The high performance distribution fan, CCS's electronic monitoring system, motorized butterfly dampers and fan speed-controllers permit individual zone dosing. CCS supplies complete drawings and support staff to ensure your central CO2 system is installed correctly.

Liquid CO2 Distribution Systems offer a clean non-heat producing alternative that easily intergrates into central or direct injection systems.

Priva's CO2 Generators are designed especially for the greenhouse industry and use natural gas or propane.

For information on the right CO2 distribution system for you, please call CCS at 604-576-7677 or send us an  e-mail.

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